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Front Runners, South Yorkshire

Midnight Train, West Yorkshire

Tuxedo, West Yorkshire

Blue Note Mitch and The Red Hot Jacks, West Yorkshire

Mathew Knight, Nottinghamshire

Cassino, West Yorkshire

The Hamiltones, Nottinghamshire

The Divine Soul Collective, Greater Manchester

The Marlins, North Yorkshire

BackBeat, West Yorkshire

Academy, London

Audio Wave, West Midlands

Sian Summers, Nottinghamshire

Drive, Greater Manchester

Mark Stevens, Nottinghamshire

The Family, Greater Manchester

Liam Francis, Greater Manchester

Alive and Kicking, Cheshire

Dexter, Cheshire

So 60s, Cheshire

Jessica Louise (Harpist), Cheshire

Henry Hunter, North Yorkshire

Live Wires, Staffordshire

The Fanatics, Staffordshire

The Blakes, Cheshire